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Identité visuelle Mixcommerce
Founded in 2007, Mixcommerce is at the beginning an e-merchant operator accompanying brands and developing their e-merchant business: creating sites, shooting products, merchandising, e-marketing, e-logistics, customer service.

Acquired by La Poste in 2012, we wished we enroll in a new dynamic by redefining the visual identity. Indeed we wanted to convey an image closer to the agency to which we tend and keep us away from the image of operator or technicians we had. Also, we wanted to adopt graphic codes that more matched to our customers.

The logotype

We opted for a new color (ruby) to bring lightness and modernity. The games on transparency also contribute to this effect and convey a double reading:
In 3D, the logo refers to the concept cube / package to our own activity and wink to the group.
In 2D, the logo reveals several facets, expressing the many areas of expertise and overall management. These different facets and colors give the impression of a ruby, reflections, bringing therefore the preciousness in our image (preciousness of what we produce, the image of our customers ...)

Identité visuelle Mixcommerce
Identité visuelle Mixcommerce

The Font

We chose a light font (abandoning the double weight), it allowed us to simplify the message and glamorize the logo.
We have worked and increased spacing between letters to win in readability and to sit the logo for giving it a notion of balance, stability.

Identité visuelle Mixcommerce

Creative approach

Identité visuelle Mixcommerce Identité visuelle Mixcommerce

Visual identity